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Today, we highlight Fresno Adult School and their new, streamlined enrollment process. Students can now complete their enrollment forms, be assessed and get their class schedule – all in one visit! Check out what Fresno Adult School has to offer. #FUSDFamily

February is Black History Month. We want to focus our attention on the contributions and sacrifices of African Americans and Black people who helped shape this nation. Stay tuned for all the activities and events we have in place for this month. #FUSDFamily

Today, we highlight our Purchasing Department's work. Everything the district uses is purchased and processed through their team. Books, office supplies, and furniture are a just few examples of what we wouldn't have without them! #FUSDFamily #AchievingOurGreatestPotentialFUSD

Our Academic Center for Suspended Students is holding an Open House! Stop by to learn about the staff, what they provide, and more.#FUSDFamily #AchievingOurGreatestPotentialFUSD

With today's highlight, Manchester GATE Elementary School's 5th-grade students took their education a step further by fully immersing themselves in the lives of Americans during the Colonial Era.#FUSDFamily #AchievingOurGreatestPotentialFUSD

Migrant Education is gearing up for the Fresno Regional Speech and Debate tournament. The speech and debate team has been meeting twice a week to research, write, and practice rigorously for the event. Wish them good luck! #FUSDFamily #AchievingOurGreatestPotentialFUSD

Today we honor the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust & the millions of other victims of Nazism. Today is a reminder of our responsibility to respond with humanity to the victims of atrocious crimes, hate speech, antisemitism, Holocaust distortion & prejudice.

Addicott Elementary School, which serves some of the district’s most medically fragile students, has had an amazing year so far with a variety of activities to engage students and their families. #FUSDFamily #AchievingOurGreatestPotentialFUSD

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